Our Second Decade of Recognizing Healthcare Excellence®


Updated 100 SafeCare Hospitals Methodology

100 SafeCare Hospitals now report on Hospital Charges and Medical Errors;

New linkage from to

Anyone leaving a hospital review at Rate A Hospital can easily access The SafeCare Group’s rating of that specific hospital;

Completed 1st Decade of 100 SafeCare Hospitals

5,000 civilian and 200 US government hospitals rated;


Platform Search Updates

Precise seeking by hospital location and name searching on 100 SafeCare Hospitals and Rate A Hospital;

Mediocre Hospital Outcomes Report

Analysis of poor hospital care with recommendations to improve;



Added VA Hospitals Ratings

Available ratings on over 130 VA medical centers and over 50 military hospitals;

New platform that allows patients to rate hospitals and share complaints, suggestions, and feedback;



Report on Quality, Safety, and Efficiency

Performance of US hospitals in HVBP, HRRP, and HACRP metrics according to bed size during the previous five years according to bed size category;

New Web Application Platform

Redesigned functionality and enhanced rich content allowing quality comparison of over 4,500 hospitals;


Hospitals Performance Report

100 SafeCare Hospitals performance vs other hospitals in CMS’ key areas: HVBP, HRRP, and HACRP;

Recognizing Healthcare Excellence®

A Registered Trademark of 100 SafeCare Hospitals® as The SafeCare Group® successfully protected its intellectual property rights;


5th Anniversary Offerings

Press coverage in SafeCare magazine to eligible hospitals and released a celebratory logo to be used in conjunction with the standard product badge for the 5th anniversary;



Offered 38-page QAPI Report Offered

Highlighted opportunities for improvement in key quality, safety, and efficiency areas; 



Added Rankings to the 100 hospitals

Top 50 hospitals representing the top 1% performers;



Released first 100 hospitals listings

Based on 40 quality, safety, and efficiency hospital metrics;  

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