As of December 2020, the service has stopped accepting and listing testimonials from hospital leadership as these may be misinterpreted and/or misconstrued as undue influence and/or endorsements of those hospitals.

“Stilwell Memorial is excited to be named among the 100 SafeCare Hospitals. Our aim is to do all things with excellence throughout the continuum of care, knowing that patient safety and patient outcomes are interwoven with the quality, competency, and attentiveness of our staff. As the landscape of American healthcare continues to shift and expand, this prestigious recognition serves as a testimony to Memorial's ongoing commitment to remain focused on who matters most - our patients," 

Daniel J. Bradley, CEO, Stilwell Memorial Hospital, 2020

"At Methodist Hospital of Southern California, our highest priority is to provide the safest care and best possible outcomes for all of our patients. We take great pride in being named to The SafeCare Group’s list of 100 SafeCare Hospitals for patient safety, quality and efficiency for five consecutive years.  Such recognition validates the collaboration of our physicians, nurses and management to ensure safe, high quality patient care at every point of contact,”
Dan F. Ausman, President & CEO, Methodist Hospital of Southern California, 2019

“Safety, and quality are key strategies for a highly reliable organization. To be recognized by SafeCare Group as one of  100 SafeCare Hospitals is a testament to the work of our care teams who are working together to make Methodist Hospital the very best place to receive care in Minnesota,” 
Dr. Roxanna Gapstur, President, Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital, 2018

“To achieve the 100 SafeCare Hospitals distinction is a huge honor, however, not surprising as it mirrors what our team works to achieve every single day at Unity Health.  The safety of our patients is paramount and this achievement reflects the fact that we are one of the safest hospitals in the state of Arkansas and even in the country.”
Ray Montgomery, MBA, FACHE,  President & CEO, Unity Health, 2018

“Northern Maine Medical Center has been on an incredible journey to exceed our patient’s expectation. Our most important goal is to keep our patients safe while under our care. Staff at all levels of the organization have exceeded my expectations and continue to work hard at maintaining NMMC as a 100 SafeCare hospital. This prestigious distinction demonstrates our complete commitment to our patients to being one of the top safe hospitals in the country,”
Peter J. Sirois, President & CEO, Northern Maine Medical Center, 2018

“Combined with compassionate care and our commitment to provide state-of-the-art technology, Union General Hospital has delivered the highest quality patient care to our community for more than 59 years. We are truly honored to be named to The SafeCare Group’s list of 100 SafeCare Hospitals for patient safety, quality and efficiency. Such recognition is a reflection of our physicians, nurses and staff who provide the very best to our patients daily,”
Lewis Kelley, CEO, Union General Hospital, 2018

“We are a true small community hospital. Our Medical Staff, administration and employees all work together as a team to ensure that our friends and families receive the best care that we can provide. With this as our mission statement, we have been able to establish a culture of safety and quality. We are all very proud of our accomplishment in achieving the recognition of being a 100 SafeCare Hospital,”
Erik St. Pierre MD, President of the Medical Staff, Northern Maine Medical Center, 2018

“To earn the 100 SafeCare Hospitals recognition is truly a reflection of the people at Coffey Health System. Our physicians, nurses, and staff take patient care very seriously and continually strive to improve the patient experience. This award is a validation of their countless hours of dedicated service. We are honored to be among such distinguished company,”
Leonard R. Hernandez, CEO, Coffey Health System, 2017

“At Knox Community Hospital the safety of our patients is our highest priority, and we are extremely proud to have been named to the list of 100 SafeCare Hospitals. We are committed to providing the best possible patient experience by offering the highest quality care with service that exceeds our patients’ expectations. This recognition is the direct result of the collaborative efforts of our physicians, nurses, and staff who are dedicated to ensuring that Knox County, Ohio, continues to be a vibrant, healthy and thriving community,”
Bruce D. White, CEO, Knox Community Hospital, 2016

“Iberia Medical Center is honored to be named one of the 100 SafeCare Hospitals for the second consecutive year.  We strive to provide an excellent patient experience to everyone, and central to that experience are safety, quality and efficiency.  South Louisiana is steeped in the tradition of family, and our patients very frequently compare their medical experience at IMC to the care and attention provided by family – we can think of no greater reward,”  
Parker Templeton, President & CEO, Iberia Medical Center, 2016

“Our goal is to be a place where communication is always clear, everyone cares and patients are always safe. We’re honored to be the only North Carolina hospital under 100 beds on the 2016 100 SafeCare Hospitals list,”
Paul Hammes, CEO, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, 2016

“Being named a Top 100 SafeCare hospital two years in a row is great validation that what our teams do each and every day to work towards delivering the perfect patient experience is paying off. We look forward to celebrating our staff that, above all else, deliver high-quality, safe care with exceptional service when our patients and their families need us most,”
Sam Lynd, CEO Baptist Memorial Hospital – Tipton, 2016

“We are pleased to have received this recognition that affirms our efforts towards zero patient harm. From processes, to protocols, to new services, communication, infection control and more, our associates are focused on our patients’ needs. They are consistently raising the bar, and in doing so, they are exemplifying what great healthcare is all about,”
Kirk Soileau, CEO, Natchitoches Regional Medical Center, 2016

“Destination always is our journey to excellence. We always want to take the best care of our patients, always wash our hands when we go into a patient room, always control their pain, always communicate effectively with them, and always provide safe, quality and efficient care. We are honored, and we take pride in being named to the list of 100 SafeCare hospitals. This recognition is a reflection of the dedication and commitment of everyone at King's Daughters Medical Center to always get it right,”
Alvin Hoover, CEO King's Daughters Medical Center, 2016

“We are honored to be recognized for our quality and safety initiatives. Our physicians and staff are dedicated to providing excellent and compassionate care that reaches the high standards our patients seek and deserve every day,”
Jack Barto, President & CEO, New Hanover Regional Medical Center,  2016

“We are incredibly honored to be named to The SafeCare Group’s list of 100 SafeCare Hospitals for patient safety, quality and efficiency. This newest recognition of our impeccable patient safety, quality and patient experience record further demonstrates the unwavering dedication of our more than 1300 care partners (employees, physicians, volunteers and Board of Directors) to fulfill our mission to provide ‘healing experiences for everyone all the time,”
George Mikitarian DHA, FACHE, CEO, Parrish Medical Center, 2016

“Onslow Memorial Hospital is a place where people care.  Our culture is based on the human touch in sensing the needs of others.  Fundamental to our sensing is to ensure safe, quality care in our pursuit to become better.  Receiving the 100 SafeCare Hospitals recognition is an honor and validates our dedicated team in supporting the patient and family care experience.  We are proud of this validation in our passion to serve,”
Ed Piper, Ph.D., MHA, FACHE, President & CEO, Onslow Memorial Hospital, 2016

“This is a remarkable acknowledgement of the dedication and skill of Lompoc Valley Medical Center staff. We are proud of our accomplishment,”
Jim Raggio, CEO, Lompoc Valley Medical Center, 2015

“We are incredibly proud of this designation and all of our physicians, nurses and employees who worked so diligently to earn it. I see our employees go above and beyond each and every day to ensure we are providing the best care possible.  This designation validates their extraordinary hard work and dedication,”
Cindy Cowie, CEO, Southwest Regional Medical Center, 2015

“This is a great honor to be named among the top 100 – the top 50, in fact – hospitals in the country by The SafeCare Group. It confirms what we’ve known for a long time: You don’t have to leave the county for great healthcare. The SafeCare Group ranked ACMC 31st in the nation after reviewing publicly available data on patient safety, as well as patient satisfaction. This should reassure our patients and their families that ACMC is the hospital to choose in Ashtabula County," 
Michael Habowski,  President & CEO, Ashtabula County Medical Center, 2015

“St. John Broken Arrow strives to provide healthcare that works and healthcare that is safe for our patients. This national recognition is a result of the excellent work of the hospital’s team of physicians, nurses and staff. Being ranked number one in the nation for hospitals with a bed size of 100 or less is evidence of our dedication to patient safety and quality at St. John Broken Arrow and throughout the St. John Health System,”                                    
David Phillips, COO, St. John Broken Arrow, 2015

"This distinction is one that Marshall Medical receives with pride because it was borne out of hard work. Our staffs take very seriously the extensive requirements that make up the standard of quality patient care. They deserve national recognition like this."
Gary Gore, CEO, Marshall Medical Centers, 2015

“We believe in continuous quality of care and performance improvement as the foundation for preserving and enhancing healthcare delivery. Chino Valley Medical Center takes pride in creating a culture where employees feel that they are a part of something special and that every individual makes a difference in the lives of loved ones, co-workers and the community. This award speaks wonders about the quality, efficient and compassionate care our great staff provides. We couldn’t be more honored,”
Dr. James Lally, President & CEO, Chino Valley Medical Center, 2015       

"This recognition is based on performance in the three main areas on which we focus - patient safety, quality and efficiency. Our inclusion on this list is affirmation that we are providing high quality care for our patients here in central Georgia, and others across the nation are taking notice,"                    
Dr. Steve Mayfield, Chief Quality Officer, Navicent Health, 2015

"Medical Center, Navicent Health - along with all Navicent Health entities - bases its processes and procedures on the triple aim. We focus on quality, safety and efficiency in order to provide our patients with the right care at the right cost. To be selected to The SafeCare Group's 100 SafeCare Hospitals for the second consecutive year confirms that we are doing the right thing for our patients,"
Dr. Ninfa Saunders, President & CEO, Navicent Health, 2015